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Unlawful Pay Deductions for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Property

In some circumstances, employers have the right to deduct the costs of property loss from their employees’ pay. However, far too many employers abuse this right, unlawfully deducting significant amounts from their employees’ paychecks for costs that the employees should not be actually be responsible for covering.

While there are instances in which these deductions are legal, Wisconsin law has strict regulations for such deductions. As a result, when an employer violates these restrictions and takes pay from an employee’s wages for lost, damaged, or stolen property, an employee may be able to take legal action against their employee to pursue their rightfully earned pay.

Legal Requirements for Pay Deduction

In order for an employer to legally deduct the costs of property loss from an employee’s pay, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Employee must consent to the deduction
  • Employee must provide that consent in writing
  • Employee’s consent must be provided after the loss but before the deduction

Failure to follow these guidelines, as well as several other factors, may render an employer’s decision to deduct property loss from an employee’s pay illegal. In such a situation, an employee may have the opportunity to pursue their unpaid wages through legal action.

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