Production and Processing Facilities

Employees who work in production and processing facilities are, like all other employees, entitled to receive overtime pay for any hours that they work beyond the normal limit of 40. While many employers in this industry properly compensate their employees, there are certain employers who violate their employees’ rights by denying them the overtime pay they have rightfully earned.

Unfortunately, many people who work in these types of facilities are unknowingly denied the full compensation they deserve. Often, these employees perform essential work duties both before and after their shifts are over for which they are not paid. In these circumstances, many of these employees should actually be paid overtime for these services.

Overtime Activities at Production and Processing Facilities

Employees who work at production and processing facilities may be unfairly denied the pay they deserve for a wide range of different tasks performed outside of normal working hours, including:

  • Cleaning work stations
  • Performing maintenance tasks
  • Readying equipment
  • Changing into or out of protective gear

When an employee completes these and other essential work activities, they may be owed compensation that their employers do not actually provide.

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