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Pre-shift Work, Post-shift Work, and Work at Home Regulations

Many employees engage in significant work activities outside of their normal working hours. Attending meetings, filing reports, cleaning workstations, and many other job activities are often done by workers when they are technically off the clock. However, if their employer is aware of this work, it is usually necessary for them to provide appropriate compensation for their employee’s efforts. Regrettably, in many situations, employers fail to provide proper compensation, despite knowing their employees have worked overtime hours.

Working Hour Violations

Employees who work off the clock are entitled to receive compensation for the work they perform, even if they did not expect to receive pay for that work, as long as they are not considered exempt from overtime pay. Work which might fall into this category includes:

  • Work performed before shifts begin
  • Work performed after a shift is over
  • Work performed outside of the office

Employers who are aware of any work performed by an employee in these circumstances must provide appropriate compensation if they employee is qualified to receive overtime.

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