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Nurses and Other Hospital Personnel Wage Violations

Nurses and many other medical or hospital workers are often at the heart of many wage and hour violations. Because of the nature of work in these environments, employees often are required to perform work off the clock or in excess of the normal limit of hours. While this is often an accepted aspect of this field of work, and many employers and employees enter into agreements addressing overtime work and pay, not all employers adequately compensate their nurses or other staff.

Common Wage and Hour Violations in Hospital Settings

According to the Wisconsin Hours of Work and Overtime law, employees working in a hospital or other place dedicated to the care of aging, disabled, or sick people are considered to be under the following stipulations regarding overtime pay:

  • Overtime pay can be calculated on a two-week / 14 day period, rather than the 1 week / 7 day period, so long as employees are compensated for working over 8 hours per day or 80 hours in the time period
  • Employees paid on an hourly basis are generally owed overtime

When an employer fails to adhere to these regulations and underpaying nurses or other medical staff who are not considered exempt, wronged employees may be able to pursue legal action for the wages they are owed.

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