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Mortgage Underwriters and Overtime Pay Violations

Overtime laws apply to almost all employees, with only a limited number of exemptions being legally granted for certain types of employees. As a result, many employees should be paid additional pay for the hours that they work in excess of 40; however, employers in many industries, including the mortgage industry, frequently misclassify their employees as being exempt from overtime pay, causing these employees to not receive overtime pay which they should be paid. Fortunately, mortgage underwriters who have been unfairly denied their full pay may be able to take legal action against their employer to gain the wages which they should have originally been paid.

Requirements for Overtime Exemptions

Mortgage underwriters can only be exempted from the requirements of overtime laws if their job duties meet the following criteria:

  • Their work is directly related to management policies or general business operations
  • In the course of their work, they must regularly exercise discretion and independent judgment or

Mortgage underwriters whose jobs do not match this description are likely entitled to full overtime pay and may pursue legal action if they have not been adequately compensated.

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When employers in the mortgage industry fail to pay mortgage underwriters overtime wages which they have rightfully earned, the legal team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® believes that the employer should be held accountable for those wages. Call Jason Knutson at 608-255-6663 today if you have been unjustly denied overtime pay for work that you have performed and want to learn more about your legal options in such a situation.