Lunch Break Violations

In Wisconsin, employers are not required to give their employees a lunch break. However, many employers do, in fact, choose to provide their employees with a lunch break during their work day. In this situation, employers are required to pay the employees for this break unless the nature of that lunch break meets certain highly specific criteria.

Regrettably, far too many employers have lunch break policies that do not meet these state requirements, causing workers who should be paid for this break to be uncompensated for significant periods of time. Especially when an employee is unfairly denied compensation for work breaks during which they should be earning a wage over a long period of time, this money can add up to a significant sum. Fortunately, when an employee is in this situation, they can take legal action to fight for the money they are owed.

Lunch Break Requirements

In order for an employer to legally withhold pay for time spent during an employee’s lunch break, the break must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 30 minutes in length
  • Employee must be completely relieved of all job duties (even minor duties)

Breaks which do not meet these criteria require payment equal to any other working periods.

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