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Installation and Service Technician Hour and Wage Violations

Those who work as installation and service technicians are often particularly vulnerable to wage and hour violations. Many who work in these types of positions may be required to perform essential work duties outside of their normal working hours, work for which their employer often does not provide compensation. In these types of situations, the worker may be entitled to seek compensation for the services they have rendered.

Common Wage Violations for Installation and Services Technicians

All work performed in connection with an installation and service technician’s job requires compensation, even if the work occurs outside of normal business hours. Common hour and wage violations in this industry include:

  • Failure to pay for work performed before shifts begin
  • Failure to pay for work performed after shifts are over
  • Failure to pay for work performed outside of the office or work setting

Employers who are aware of the work that their employees perform in any of these situations must provide appropriate compensation or be liable for unpaid wages.

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Many installation and service technicians work beyond the actually hours for which they are scheduled, yet they are unpaid for this work. As such, when an employer unfairly denies such employees their fair amount of wages, our legal team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® believes in taking action to fight for the payment an employee is rightfully owed. Contact Jason Knutson by calling 608-255-6663 today to discuss your particular situation and learn about how you may be able to pursue the wages you have been denied.