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Information Technology (IT) Workers’ Wage Violations

Workers who are employed in the field of information technology (IT) often operate at irregular hours, due to the nature of their chosen career. Many of these workers are classified by their employers as exempt from receiving overtime as they fulfill the requirements for exempted professional employees according to Wisconsin’s Hours of Work and Overtime Law. Unfortunately, however, many employers commonly misclassify IT workers, denying them the overtime pay to which they are entitled.

When an employer unfairly denies a worker the overtime pay they should have been paid, the wronged employee is not without options. They may, in fact, take legal actions against their employer in an effort to obtain the full amount of pay they have earned.

Common Overtime Work Violations in the Technology Industry

Except for employees who meet very specific criteria as stated by the law, IT workers are generally entitled to overtime pay for work performed:

  • During lunch breaks
  • Outside of the office
  • Before work shifts begin
  • After work shifts end

IT workers who are not paid overtime wages or who are not paid at all for work performed in these circumstances or over 40 hours worked may be owed additional wages.

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Wisconsin employers are tasked with complying with state and federal wage and employment laws, which means they must pay eligible IT employees overtime wages when it they are rightfully earned. If you, as an information technology employee, have not been paid the wages you deserve, our legal team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, may be able to defend your rights and help you pursue the wages you have earned. Call Jason Knutson at 608-255-6663 today to speak with a qualified legal professional about pursuing the pay you need through legal action.