Call Center Employee Overtime Violations

Employees who work at call centers often have regular, scheduled work shifts for which they are paid by their employer. However, many call center employees perform work duties outside of these scheduled periods, engaging in a variety of tasks for which they often go uncompensated. In these circumstances, employers who are aware of this type of behavior are legally required to pay their employees for all of the work they do, and may be held financially liable for unpaid wages or overtime.

Call Center Employee Overtime

While certain activities do not make an employee legitimately able to collect overtime pay, there are many activities which call center employees engage that may render them eligible to receive overtime pay, including:

  • Attending meetings
  • Checking and responding to email
  • Station maintenance
  • Filing reports

Allowing an employee to complete these and other tasks without paying them or to complete these tasks and thereby exceed 40 hours of work per week is illegal, and an employer can be held liable for these unpaid wages.

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As a call center employee who has performed tasks and other work-related activities for which you have not been properly compensated, you may be able to fight for these unpaid wages by taking legal action against your employer. The legal team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® believes in fighting for the rights of employees, like you, who have not been fairly compensated by their employer. In order to discuss your situation and understand your employee rights under Wisconsin law, call Jason Knutson at 608-255-6663 today.