Brake Defects

Because 18-wheeler vehicles are so large, they have a much greater potential to cause a substantial amount of damage in the event of a car accident. In such truck accidents, serious injuries are almost certain. Brake defects are one cause of a large number of these dangerous accidents, as they can seriously impede a truck driver’s ability to safely operate his or her vehicle. Tragically many of these brake defects in the truck are preventable, making the accident actually the fault of the party in charge of manufacturing or maintenance, rather than actually being the fault of an individual truck driver.

Common Problems with Brakes

Brake problems are one of the most serious safety issues 18-wheelers can face. It’s critical that their brakes work properly so that if a driver needs to stop, he or she can without involving others in a car accident. Unfortunately, irresponsible manufacturers or maintenance workers cause accidents through all too common brake problems, such as:

  • Brake lights not coming on
  • Soft brake pedals
  • Sinking pedals
  • Brake pulsing
  • Leaking brake fluid

All of these situations can lead to a brake defect that makes it difficult or impossible for a truck to brake properly, leading to devastating accidents.

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