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Woman injured by two pit bulls in Glendale

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A woman was severely injured in Glendale after saving her pet dog while it was being attacked by two loose pit bulls in her yard, according to a Journal Sentinel article.

The incident reportedly happened at around 7:30 a.m. when a 53-year-old woman in the 5400 block of N. Shasta Road noticed that her dog was being attacked by pit bulls in her yard. The woman, whose name was not released, was attacked by the pit bulls after attempting to break up the fight and save her own dog.

Responding police cornered the dogs on N. 26th Street, where one was shot after attempting to attack on officer and the other was taken into captivity and transported to a local facility. Police later located the owner of the pit bulls and learned that he did not know that his pets had escaped his yard and were loose in the neighborhood. While the woman’s condition is currently unavailable, her dog survived the encounter with minimal injuries. Police are still investigating the incident.

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