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State veterinarian puts a kibosh on poultry gatherings

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Wisconsin State Veterinarian Dr. Paul McGraw has passed two new orders for poultry farmers in an effort to end the outbreak of avian influenza that has been sweeping through chicken coops across the state, according to WKOW on June 11. The first order bans the movement of poultry to any swap meet, open show, or other type of gathering that is not held in affiliation with a county, district, or state fair. The second requires fair organizers to ask for certification from farmers that no poultry has died on their farms in the ten days before moving the birds.

These two new instructions were issued two months after the massive avian flu outbreak that killed over one million turkeys and chickens in Wisconsin. The first reported case of bird flu was reported on April 13, and the last confirmed case of the illness came on May 4. Dr. McGraw and the rest of the state hope that by taking these measures, poultry farmers can knock out any remaining traces of lingering avian flu in the area.

These measures are enacted in order to protect the state’s poultry population, as well as the quality of food consumers ingest.