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Hazards of incorrect prescriptions

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Opiates, or the strong medications that help alleviate severe pain, can be dangerous to patients when taken in large amounts. Doctors are responsible for correctly and safely prescribing these strong painkillers to their patients.

However, a report from the Tomah Journal revealed that the Veterans Affairs (VA) in Tomah, Wisconsin allegedly prescribed excessive amounts of opiates to their patients. The report stated that a veteran identified as Jacob Ward died of opiate overdose in 2013. Ward was being treated for his post-traumatic stress disorder. Though a VA’s Office of the Inspector General report revealed that there were no negligent practices in the VA Tomah facility, they were alarmed by the issue and will continue to investigate on the alleged easily dispensing of opiates to patients.

Serious health problems can worsen or become fatal when doctors wrongfully prescribe medications like opiates to their patients. However, if you or a loved one experienced this in Madison, the medical malpractice lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® may work for you. Find out how our lawyers may advocate for you today by calling (800) 242-2874.