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Plant fire in Wisconsin under investigation

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Firefighters from more than 25 fire departments responded to a  fire at a cheese processing plant in Portage, Wisconsin earlier this month, according to WSAW reports. The fire remains under investigation, as authorities are unsure how it began.

Associated Milk Producers, Inc., suffered an enormous fire in one of its dry warehouses in mid-December. The fire burned throughout an entire night until firefighters were finally able to put out the blaze in the early morning hours. There was a lot of production equipment inside the warehouse, as well as many workers and staff members when the fire broke out. Fortunately, no workers reported any injuries thus far. Additionally, the plant’s manager stated that damage to the production equipment was not terribly significant considering the fire’s extent, and the plant should be able to resume normal operations fairly soon.

Critical in the clean up process was identifying and eliminating any excess debris, especially flammable debris like cardboard, which could easily lead to another flare up, or even a more destructive fire.

Workplace fires are a common hazard in manufacturing or production plants. Though there were no workers injured in this particular plant fire, it could just as easily resulted in serious injury, including burns. Victims of workplace fires are sometimes entitled to receive financial compensation, especially if the fire could be directly linked to someone else’s negligent actions. The attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® may help Madison fire victims explore their legal options if they suffer in a fire. Call our offices at (800) 242-2874 today to learn more.