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Over $25M awarded to Milwaukee woman for medical malpractice case

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A July 7 Journal Sentinel article recently reported that over $25 million was recently awarded to a woman whose limbs were removed in 2011. Before removing her limbs, her doctors allegedly failed to inform her that she was suffering from a serious infection.

Reports indicate that a Milwaukee County Jury awarded $25.3 million to 53-year-old Ascaris Mayo for losing all her limbs due to septic shock. Ascaris reportedly sought treatment in March 2011 due to fever, abdominal pain, and heartbeat irregularities. Doctor Wyatt Jaffe and his assistant Donald Gibson reportedly failed to inform Mayo that she was suffering from a bacterial infection that spread to her blood.

Mayo’s attorney, Daniel Rottier argued that she was not properly informed of her medical condition and alternate options before the medical practitioners removed her limbs.

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