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Baby survives in refrigerated morgue for 12 hours

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A baby in Argentina has been deemed the ‘miracle baby’ after she survived approximately 12 hours inside a casket in a refrigerated morgue.

The premature baby girl was placed there after doctors had declared her stillborn. Her mother had given birth to her vaginally, and doctors determined that she was not alive upon arriving in this world. The woman was never able to hold her child, and was only handed a death certificate shortly after delivery.

She wanted to have a picture of her daughter to show at her burial, so she asked to be allowed into the morgue. After initial resistance, she was granted access. Her husband opened up the casket, and instead of taking a picture the woman fell over in disbelief. Her daughter, tiny and frail, was breathing.

The mother has several questions for residing doctors in the case. She has given birth to four other children in her life, and was never put under anesthesia in order to do so, and she also does not understand why she was met with hesitation about going to the morgue. She plans to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital, as well as the doctors involved.