Washington County accident kills 1

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An Appleton woman has died after she was struck by a motor vehicle in Washington County. The accident happened near Holy Hill Road during extreme weather conditions.

The 58-year-old woman was driving on the south side of the road, when the snow caused her to drift into the median. She hit a barrier and was thrown into oncoming traffic. She was still able to control her vehicle, and put it in park on the shoulder of the northbound left lane.

After she parked her vehicle, the woman chose to leave her car, and stand beside it. A 26-year-old Milwaukee woman was driving north when she lost control of her vehicle, and slid into the woman and her car. The woman was thrown onto the highway, and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. The other driver was uninjured in the collision, but she had to be extracted from her vehicle.

Police closed down the northbound lanes of the road for four hours in order to investigate the car accident.