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Hospital in Florida deemed responsible for patient’s injuries

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Memorial Hospital, which is located in Jacksonville, Florida, has been deemed responsible by a jury for the injuries suffered by one of it’s patients.

In 2007, a well-qualified candidate for gastric bypass surgery chose to have the surgery at Memorial Hospital. He met with the doctors and staff several times before the actual surgery and understood the surgery in and out. On the actual day of the surgery in March of that year, doctors experienced unforeseen complications.

The recovery process did not go as according to plan, and additional complications arose. The man was being ignored in his hospital bed, while life-altering complications were forming. He developed critical brain damage, which has changed his life in the most drastic of ways. The once energetic man was now stuck in a wheelchair unable to eat a meal without the help of someone else.

These injuries were a direct result of the hospital’s negligent care for the man, according to the jury. They released a verdict, ordering Memorial Hospital to pay the malpractice victim $177 million. The hospital has plans on appealing this medical malpractice verdict, but has yet to file any paperwork.