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Bill could restrict access to hospital incident reports

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If passed, a bill before the Wisconsin legislature will restrict access to hospitals' incident reports in the state.  Incident reports are filed by doctors and nurses at hospitals if something goes wrong so that the hospital can monitor the quality of their service.  The Health Care Quality Improvement Act would prevent subpoenas from being used to obtain incident reports in criminal investigations and medical malpractice lawsuits.

Some worry that if the bill is approved, victims of medical malpractice could miss out on compensation because of a lack of evidence.  Incident reports often provide a basic rundown of what exactly occurred or went wrong from the doctor's or nurse's point of view.  

However, proponents of the bill, such as the Wisconsin Hospital Association, feel that it would actually improve patient care because doctors and nurses would be more willing to participate in hospital reviews if documents were confidential.  The bill also includes a provision to limit non-economic damages in nursing home negligence lawsuits.

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