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Wisconsin bans driving without insurance

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A new state law was passed today in Wisconsin that requires all Wisconsin drivers to carry proof of auto insurance whenever driving.  Law enforcement officials will be routinely asking for proof of insurance in addition to a driver's license during traffic stops.  Prior to today, June 1, 2010, Wisconsin was one of only two states in the country that did not legally require all drivers to have auto insurance. 

Having an auto insurance policy is an exercise of personal responsibility in the community.  One fender bender, let alone an injury claim, can make years worth of auto insurance payments worthwhile.  Even though it could cost you big bucks if you are caught without auto insurance, police are not allowed to pull over vehicles for the sole purpose of checking the driver's insurance.  If you are pulled over for another traffic violation and you have insurance but no proof, you will have to pay a $10 violation fee and you might have to go to court to prove it to a judge.  If you are caught lying to an officer about having auto insurance, the penalty can be upwards of five thousand dollars.  Before the law was enacted today, 85 percent of Wisconsin residents had auto insurance.

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