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Quadruple Amputee Woman Loses Lawsuit Against Hospital

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Lisa Strong, a mother of 2 and a survivor of septic shock, just lost a $3.3 million dollar lawsuit against Pembroke Pines Hospital for an incorrect diagnosis that contributed to the loss of both her arms and legs. 

After entering the hospital in 2003 complaining of kidney stones, the doctors failed to correctly diagnose Strong for several hours, causing her to go in to septic shock.  Her immune system began fighting the infection by protecting her most vital organ, her heart, thereby cutting off circulation to her limbs.  

Her arms and legs grew weaker as she slipped in and out of a coma, and the doctors eventually had to amputate her arms and legs to save her life.  

Strong has been waiting 5 years for justice, yet lost her case against the hospital.  The jury decided the doctors had done everything they could to save her life and that over 40% of people that endure the same situation dies.  

Strong will endure hardships for the rest of her life.  Although one could argue the hospital did save her life, Strong will have to live her life in a completely backwards manner than she is accustomed.  Simple tasks are now difficult, and holding down a job while raising her 2 children will prove quite difficult.  If you or a loved one has gone through a similar situation, please call your Madison personal injury lawyer at 800-242-2874 to discuss adequate compensation for your struggles.