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Coal Mining Company is Negligent to Workers

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A Marion man is seeking damages on a Coal Company that
failed to keep him safe while digging in an underground mine.  Anthony Bernardo, a young man, was performing
his daily tasks as underground coal miner, when suddenly, he received an
electrical shock.

The shock has left him permanently injured in many areas,
which include physical and also his emotional well-being.  He experienced loss of wages, loss of earning
capacity, and also a lot of pain and suffering. 

This does not include the loss of enjoyment in many things
he will not be able to partake in again.

Eastern Associated Coal, the company where Bernardo worked,
demonstrated a high level of negligence and irresponsibility by exposing him
and fellow coworkers to a dangerous level of electricity.

The company maintains that they did not violate any rules,
nor are the culprits of Bernardo’s ailments.

If you or someone you love has endured this type of
happening and are seeking compensation for your expenses and suffering, please
call a Madison personal injury lawyer at 800-242-2874 to discuss your options.