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Two Airplane Accidents in Utah

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There have been two small airplane crashes in the last several months, both in Utah.  The first happened August 8th.  Near Salt Lake City, three men from Blanding were killed as they were flying back from their trip.  However, they did not reach the Monticello airport like they planned.  Investigators are blaming the pilot for the crash that killed the men.  Reporters say that the pilot did not maintain clearance of the ground while maneuvering close to the ground. The names of the three men were Eric Johnson, Kim Acton, and Brian Bayles.

The other accident happened in Southwest Utah.  This was a homemade plane flown by William Phillips, a man from Las Vegas. His wife was also flying with him, though she is only listed in critical condition, Phillips died at the scene.  Police believe the cause of the crash was due to some unforeseen mechanical problems.

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