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FAA Changes Private Jet Wing Regulations

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The FAA has reversed a rule that is almost fifty years old that says it is safe to fly private and cargo aircrafts with “polished frost” on the wings. Now, due to the prevalence of ice as a contributing cause of crashes, the FAA has decided that it is no longer acceptable to fly with “polished frost” on the wings.

 Since the 1960s, the FAA has allowed some planes, excluding commercial airliners, to fly with ice on their wings as long as the ice was smooth. This rule left it up to the operator of the plane to clean off the wings themselves and decide whether it was safe to go or not.

In 2006, the FAA issued a safety warning concerning ice on the wings. On May 8th, roughly two years after the warning was issued, the FAA proposed removing the “polished frost” language from the rules.

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