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Scotts Forced to Recall Fertilizer

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Scotts, the maker of the popular fertilizer and potting soil line of Miracle Gro, was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency last week to recall and to stop selling pesticides that are unregistered, illegal, or mislabeled. 

The company is recalling Miracle Gro Shake ‘n Feed All Purpose Plant Food plus Weed Preventer. This product is also sold as Garden Weed Preventer + Plant Food. The company is also recalling a product that is sold through its lawn service. The product has apparently never been sold to individuals.

The EPA says that the products have invalid registration numbers. All fertilizers and pesticides must be submitted to the EPA so that an analysis of their effects on humans and the environment can be evaluated.

Scotts says that it does not feel that the fertilizer is of any particular threat to humans or the environment

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