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Defective Product Lawsuit

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Alvin Wellenreiter was injured when a radial arm saw cut his fingers, causing serious injury. He claims that Sears and Emerson Tool Co. are liable for his injuries because he was not adequately warned of the dangers of the saw. Wellenreiter states that the saw did not contain any warnings of the dangers associated with its use. He also claims that the manufacturer did not place guards in the right places in order to protect people from being cut and did not provide prevention of kickbacks while using the saw.

Wellenreiter argues that the blade was not properly made and that it was dangerous in making certain types of cuts to materials. He states that the negligence of the Sears and of the manufacturer lead to his injuries.

He claims that his left hand was seriously injured, causing damage to his nervous system as well as causing a great deal of pain. He is suing for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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