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Med Mal Lawsuit filed after girl’s obesity surgery goes wrong

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After their daughter underwent a “lap band” surgery for obesity, Warren and Melissa Strother became accustomed to bringing her back to the doctor for various follow-up treatments. After several visits, the Strothers became upset when the doctor never took the time to check the girl over himself. Each time, a nurse was sent to evaulate the girl’s progress.

The couple is suing Dr. Felix Spiegal for “lack of appropriate care” after claiming that the doctor was ignoring the health of their child, which ultimately lead to her development of pancreatitis.

Shortly after the original procedure, Strothers’ daughter had been unable to eat certain foods without being sick. The couple immediately took the girl in to have the lap band adjusted. The girl’s pain continued and she visited the doctor several more times to have the band adjusted.

After being rushed to the emergency room, it was discovered that her lap bad had slowly moved inside her body and had created dangerous health risks. The couple argues that if Dr. Spiegel had taken the time to properly evaluate their daughter, she would have never developed these health risks.

The couple is suing for mental anguish, medical expenses, disfigurement, and loss of earning capacity.

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