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Post-operation infection leads to Med Mal lawsuit

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Susan Loe is suing Dr. Ruben Victores, Dr. Robert Elliot and Grapecine Breast Center for an infection that she suffered after a hysterectomy opertation. The wound from her injury did not heal correctly for close to two years.

According to Loe, Dr. Victores performed the hysterectomy on her in 2005. Shortly after the surgery, Loe returned to the doctor complaining of severe pain. She says that she was denied an appointment anytime before the two week post-operative visit that she had already scheduled.

She visited a different doctor for examination and was diagnosed with a wound infection. When she returned to Dr. Victores, she was told that everything was fine and that there was no need to worry.

During a trip to Dallas, Loe was forced to visit a local emergency room, where Dr. Robert Elliot took her in for immediate surgery for the infected wound. After a variety of medical problems with the wound, Dr. Elliot told Loe that he was “tired of her case” and would no longer be her physician.

Loe is seeking damages for physical pain, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, medical expenses, and disfigurement.