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Malignacy blamed on Asbestos exposure

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A sandblaster is suing again for a malignancy due to asbestos exposure. Fidel Perez, who received a settlement for a non-cancerous disease, has filed a suit against A.O. Smith Corporation and 49 other companies. He claims that these 50 companies knowingly manufactured products containing asbestos.

Perez was exposed to asbestos while he worked as a sandblaster and painter for a variety of construction companies. He has already settled a lawsuit concerning a different asbestos related disease. He claims that the 50 companies were negligent in testing their products before releasing them into the market.

He is also suing the 3M Corporation and American Optical Corp. for manufacturing defective masks that did not properly protect him against asbestos.

Perez is suing for physical pain, medical expenses, mental anguish, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and disfigurement.

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