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Medical Malpractice suit filed against plastic surgeon

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Tonya and David Dodd have filed a lawsuit against Dr. Michael Spindel after Tonya’s right breast ruptured following a breast augmentation surgery. After the surgery was complete, Dodd contacted the medical office of Dr. Spindel numerous times to complain of pain, itching, tingling, and hardness of her right breast. She claims that the doctor examined her shortly after these complaints and told her that nothing was wrong with her right implant, however, he did let her know that the left implant was leaking.

After several more weeks of pain, itching, and tingling, Dodd returned to Dr. Spindel’s office. Again, he claimed that nothing was wrong with the right implant but suggested the replacement of the left as it was still leaking.

Later that week, Dodd’s right breast implant ruptured and she was rushed to the emergency room. The emergency room doctors diagnosed her with an abscess and infection in her right breast. According to these doctors, the infection destroyed the tissue in the right breast.

The Dodds are seeking damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, scarring and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and inconvenience.

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