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Slip and Fall leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit

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When Shenequia Jackson and her boyfriend took her son to the local Wizard Quick Stop, she had no idea what they were in store for. The Wizard Quick Stop, a washeteria near Shenequia’s home, was where she always took her clothes to be washed and on one particular night her boyfriend and son accompanied her. As she was washing her clothes, her boyfriend, who was holding her son, slipped on a puddle of water and crashed through the washeteria’s window. The boyfriend’s stomach was cut, leaving a nasty gash.

Shenequia’s personal injury lawyer made the conditions of the washeteria clear, stating that the window that was broken was not safety glass and was far too close to the seating area for customers. The boyfriend had to be air-lifted to the nearest hospital as a result of the deep gash left in his stomach from the glass. The personal injury lawyer is citing that the washeteria was negligent in maintaining a safe place for people to wash their clothes and that they were aware of the potential dangers before the accident occured.

The plantiffs are seeking damages for physical pain, lost wages, medical expenses, impairment, and mental anguish.

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