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Malpractice claim leads to office manager’s termination

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When Sherry Kilgore raised questions about a dentist’s habit of prescribing medications for non-patients, the dentist fired her. Kilgore, who had worked for Jeansonne since 1991, had always been praised by the doctor for her hard work and dedication. Jeansonne, a root canal specialist, began to write prescriptions for people who were not his patients. Kilgore noticed the increase in prescriptions for non patients and when she brought it up to the doctor he fired her. Kilgore claims that she recieved a phone call from a non patient in March 2007 who demanded a prescription for anxiety. Kilgore argued with the doctor over the legality of writing prescriptions for non patients but Jeansoone demanded that she call the prescription into the local pharmacy. According to Kilgore, the types of medications that Jeansoone was prescribing were not even drugs that are used in conjunction with dentistry.

When a previous patient contacting Jeansonne to announce that they were going to sue the doctor for malpractice, the doctor admitted to Kilgore that he was going to change the patient’s file to avoid liability.

The last day that Kilgore worked for the doctor, she was subject to physical and verbal abuse, resulting in bruises on her arms. Kilgore is suing back pay, emotional pain, and injury.

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