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Toyota to be sued by paralegic

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David Willaims was minding his own business when an empty gravel truck slammed into him, giving him injures that would leave him a permanent paralegic.

Toyota Motor Corporation is being sued by Williams for claims that the seat belts in his 1998 4 Runner were defective. He claims that the defective design was the cause of his serious injuries and that safer designs could have lead to seat belt failure in the cases of rear end collisions.

Toyota is charged with not properly warning customers that the seat belts might not be able to handle the impact of a rear end collision. Williams is seeking damages for physical pain, medical expenses, loss of income, and disability.

Due to Williams paralegic condition, Williams’ wife is also seeking damages for the loss of her husband’s assistance in her life.

Williams claims that Toyota was conscious of the safety issue and did nothing to correct it.

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