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Spotlight Turns to Driver in Tragic Crash in Verona

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On September 24th, four young men were killed in a tragic one-car crash that stands as the most deadly accident of this type in the past 20 years.  The three passengers in the car who were killed were all students at Verona High School, while the driver, Sidney Kreyer, had graduated in 2003.  A recent article that ran in the Wisconsin State Journal shared the perspective of the driver’s mother, who is uncomfortable with the portrayal of her son.  

“Because Kreyer-Nelson wasn ‘t a student — he graduated from Sauk Prairie High School in 2003 — his mother said she feels he is being forgotten in the media coverage and tributes paid to the younger men the past few days.

Kreyer said she was also hurt and angry that the attention her son has received has been mostly negative, in part because he was illegally driving on a revoked license at the time of the crash and had a lengthy record of mostly traffic-related convictions.”

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