Mother and Daughter Attacked by Two Pit Bulls

Earlier this summer in Green Bay, a mother and daughter were mauled by two large male pit bulls while on a walk.

Fortunately, nearby neighbors rushed quickly to the victim’s aid. Their injuries are non-life threatening, although a relative of the victims claimed that the injuries were very severe. Both dogs were unleashed and unattended when they attacked the mother and her 15-month daughter. Police report that this was an unprovoked attack and have seized the dogs to be euthanized. In response, the owner of the pit bull’s state that the dogs were locked up in the basement and that she suspects that someone purposely let them out.

Pit bulls are a notoriously aggressive breed and are known for unprovoked attacks. If a dangerous animal has injured you or someone you love, you may be able to seek compensation for the owner’s negligence. Contact a Racine personal injury attorney today at (800) 242-2874.

Three hurt in Green Bay amusement park accident

A recent roller coaster accident at a Green Bay amusement park resulted in three individuals sustaining injuries, a June 20 article of stated.

The injured people were only identified as a rider and two Bay Beach Amusement Park employees. All three of the victims were responsive when they were brought to a hospital, Green Bay Metro Fire Lieutenant Cody Johnson said. According to reports, a collision between two cars happened in the roller coaster’s loading area when one of the cars failed to come to a stop. Dawne Cramer of the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry departments told reports that it was the first time someone was injured on the “Zippin Pippin” ride since it started operating in 2011. As of reporting, the roller coaster was shut down as state authorities conduct their investigation into the accident.

Suffering injuries in an accident often leaves families struggling financially and emotionally. If you or a loved one were injured due to another person’s negligence, speak with a Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® attorney in Madison. Discuss your personal situation by calling (800) 242-2874 to learn more about your options.

OIG report criticizes FDA’s inefficiency in product recalls

A recent report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services criticized the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their inefficiency concerning food recalls, an article of NBC News reported.

In the report released on June 9, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) discovered that the FDA’s food recall initiation procedure was ineffective and inefficient. The OIG cited a 2014 incident in which a baby was killed and two pregnant mothers had miscarriages after consuming cheese contaminated with listeria bacteria. The food was being sold and consumed for two months before the company issued a recall. The report pointed out that the FDA failed to have procedures and policies in place to ensure liable food companies were recalling their products. The FDA should improve its system in addressing food recalls, the OIG report suggested.

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Millions of children’s spill-proof cups recalled

A Massachusetts-based company issued a recall on May 27 on an estimated 3.1 million spill-proof cups after receiving complaints that harmful mold is likely to develop in a valve of the cup.

Five types of cups were covered by the recall, which affects a removable white valve of some “Tommee Tippee Sippee” spill-proof cups. Recalling company Mayborn USA and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are aware of 3,066 mold complaints and 68 incidents of children suffering from vomiting and diarrhea as a result of the product. People who might have the affected cups are instructed to refrain from using them and to call the recalling company to get a cup replacement for free. When molds are ingested, individuals are at risk of suffering infections and gastrointestinal problems, the CPSC advised.

The lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® in Madison represent families whose loved ones are injured as a result of using defective child products. If you have been the victim of a defective product, we may be able to help you receive the compensation you need for recovery. Learn more about your legal options by calling (800) 242-2874.

Rock County Crash

On State Highway 14, a crash proved fatal for two men. Cory Schuppe, 27, of Madison and Jovanni DiMaggio, 26 of Oregon were recently identified as those two men. According to officials, their car lost control and collided with another vehicle driven by a woman in the opposite lane. The woman, only identified as a 36-year-old from Janesville, was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a nearby hospital. The two men were pronounced dead at the scene, and medical examiners of Rock County have confirmed the men died from the injuries they sustained during the accident.

The crash caused the cars to catch fire, and drivers on Highway 14 were rerouted for 5 hours. Though the accident is still under investigation, no citations have been issued. The cause of the accident is still unknown at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Schuppe and DiMaggio during this difficult time.

Chrysler Recalls Over 800,000 for Gear Shift Warning

Chrysler announced that it would be recalling over 800,000 vehicles due to the vehicle’s confusing gear shift design.  The recalled vehicles feature a gear selector that remains in the same position regardless of whether the vehicle is in park, drive, neutral, or reverse, and only lights up to indicate a gear change.

This system has caused many consumers to mistakenly believe their car is in park before exiting their vehicle, leading to a reported 41 injuries caused by the mistake. The vehicle does have warning systems to indicate that the vehicle is not in park, such as warning sounds and a displayed alert, but Chrysler is recalling vehicles in order to improve the warning systems.  The new warnings will automatically disable the car from moving in certain situations if it is not in park.  The recalled vehicles include 2012-2014 Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 Sedans, and 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

Unfortunately, defects such as these occur in far more automobiles than most individuals are aware of. At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, we know how devastating the accidents caused by defective vehicles can be and are committed to helping victims build a case against the responsible parties. Call our offices at (800) 242-2874 to learn more.

Tern folding bikes in the U.S. recalled due to faulty frames

Hundreds of Tern folding bicycles that were sold in the U.S. are now being recalled after fall injury complaints were filed against the company, according to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  According to the report, about 220 Tern folding bikes of various models have faulty top tube hinges that can break while the bicycle is being operated. The recall is connected to a 2013 recall of 175 Tern folding bikes with the same problem. The affected bikes were manufactured in Taiwan.

Tern’s U.S. distributor, Stile Products, has been notified of four incidents in which the top tube hinges broke on Tern bicycles.  Each incident resulted in minor injuries. Consumers who own Tern bicycles that are being recalled are advised not to use the folding bikes and to notify Stiles Products for a free replacement bike frame.

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3 injured in Milwaukee 3-vehicle crash involving school bus

Three people in Milwaukee recently suffered injuries in an accident involving three vehicles, including a school bus hauling students, an article of WISN reported April 12.

According to the Milwaukee Police on Tuesday, three vehicles were involved in an accident that occurred near the intersection of West Capitol Drive and North 47th Street. Reports stated a vehicle on North 47th struck the school bus containing students and another vehicle on West Capitol Drive. Though police confirmed that none of the students were hurt from the mishap, two people from the impacted car and another from the car that was the cause of the accident were treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The driver who failed to yield to the right of way, and as a result caused the accident, will be given a citation.

When you find yourself a victim of an unexpected car accident, a skilled lawyer can prove to be a great asset when seeking the financial assistance you need for recovery. If this has happened to you in Madison, a lawyer of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® may be available to work with you on your case. Call us today at (800) 242-2874 to begin your legal action against reckless drivers.

Employee hurt in Menasha plant fire

A factory employee sustained injuries in a recent fire that broke out in the workplace in Menasha area, a March 27 article of Post-Crescent reported.

According to reports, at around 10:30 p.m. on March 26, a fire broke out at SCA Tissue on 190 Third Street. Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue shift commander, Kevin Kloehn, stated that the fire initially erupted from a machine. Plant employees who attempted to displace the fire were ordered to leave the area as smoke levels were already too high when emergency services arrived. Responding crews transported an unidentified plant employee to a hospital due to injuries caused by smoke inhalation. It took fire crews about thirty minutes to contain the fire and the burnt facility was ventilated for over an hour. Kloehn stated that the estimated damage to the building was about $5,000.

Many families are left dealing with financial loss after their loved one suffers an injury in the workplace. If you are in such a situation, an experienced lawyer can be a great asset when fighting for the financial compensations you seek for recovery. Begin taking your legal action against negligent parties with the help of a Madison lawyer of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® today by calling (800) 242-2874.

Microsoft recalls millions of defective power cords in the US and Canada

A product recall was recently issued by Microsoft affecting approximately 2.25 million portable computer power cords that may malfunction and cause harm to consumers, according to

According to reports, Microsoft is recalling the AC power cords included with the “Surface Pro 2” and “Surface Pro 3” computers. The power cords in the two models of Surface Pros may catch fire or cause electric shock to consumers. Reports of at least 56 incidents of overheating and fire were received by Microsoft, five of which included consumer complaints of electrical shock.

An estimated 190,000 of the recalled power cords were located in Canada. Aside from the power cords sold in a bundle with computers, Surface Pro power cords that are sold separately are also affected by the recall. People who have the defective power cords are advised to stop using them and notify Microsoft to get a free replacement.

Innocent consumers suffer injuries from defective products far too frequently. If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product, contact the product liability attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® today at (800) 242-2874.