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Reasons Workers Work Overtime

Many millions of people in jobs across the country agree to work overtime hours. Overtime is considered any time worked by a qualifying employee beyond their regular hours for a week. For full-time employees, this is generally more than 40 hours in a 5-day work week, although it might vary depending on the industry in which a person works. Many people choose to work overtime for a variety of reasons, ranging from needing to pay bills to saving up for a trip.

Why Many People Work Overtime

An individual worker might have any number of reasons to consider working more than his or her normal working hours. Some common reasons for working overtime tend to include:

  • Needing to pay off bills or debt
  • Wanting to show a positive work ethic
  • An upcoming purchase or trip necessitates more money
  • Really enjoying one’s job

Whether a person chooses to work extra hours for these or other reasons, he or she should be properly compensated by their employer. If an employer fails to properly compensate their employees with the extra pay required for certain overtime work, they can be held liable through an overtime claim.

Discuss Overtime Violations with an Attorney in Madison

It’s important that workers’ rights to overtime are respected by employers. If you feel that you are owed overtime pay for work you did, but you are having trouble getting it, talk with a lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier today at 800-242-2874. We might be able to help you fight for the money you believe you are owed.