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Mishandling Surgical Instruments

Surgery is a sometimes necessary and always risky medical treatment that people have to undergo. But with the skills and experience surgeons are supposed to have, patients should only have to worry about the potential outcome, not the medical professional performing their duties properly and carefully. Unfortunately, sometimes surgeons and other medical professionals fail to act safely during a surgery by mishandling surgical instruments, causing harm to the patient. Sadly, this kind of medical error can have a number of different effects.

Effects of Mishandling Surgical Instruments

When a surgeon, nurse, or other medical professional mishandles a surgical instrument, the effects of this mistake can be terrible. For instance, some of the possible effects might include:

  • Incision of a major organ or vein
  • Failure of anesthesia
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Leaving surgical instruments in the body
  • Blood loss

No matter how a surgical instrument is mishandled, the delicate nature of surgery is such that any error or negligence can result in terrible side effects for the patient undergoing the surgical procedure. In these situations, a patient may be able to pursue compensation from the medical professional responsible for mishandling the surgical instrument.

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