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Examples of Trucking Company Negligence

Sharing the road with 18-wheeler vehicles is virtually unavoidable. And while many of the people driving these vehicles operate their trucks safely, there are many instances in which the actions of the driver’s trucking company compromises the safety of both the driver and other motorists on the road. Known as trucking company negligence, these companies may neglect basic duties and responsibilities that are necessary to protecting the safety of those on the road, leading to an accident.

4 Types of Negligence

Trucking company negligence encompasses many different specific behaviors. Four of the most common ways in which trucking companies act negligently are:

  • Hours of Service Violations
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicles
  • Negligent Hiring
  • Failure to Train Employees

Because these behaviors inherently neglect basic safety and put other people’s wellbeing at risk, they can be deemed negligent and are something for which a trucking company can be held responsible if it leads to an accident.

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Every driver has the right to feel safe while on the road, even when sharing the road with large 18-wheeler trucks. However, some trucking companies fail to adhere to basic safety regulations and engage in negligent behavior that puts others at undue risk of being harmed. If you or someone you know has suffered through an accident with a truck because of trucking company negligence, then the negligent company may actually owe you financial compensation. Speak with the attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. today at 800-242-2874 about your legal options.