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Common Construction Accidents

Construction zones are among the most hazardous work areas in the United States, where both workers and nearby pedestrians can suffer terrible injuries should any accidents occur. Construction sites typically involve heavy machinery, complex equipment, and working at elevated heights, all of which can increase the severity of an accident’s repercussions. For example, slip and fall accidents are already dangerous, but they can be even more devastating if they occur from an elevated construction platform. However, if an incident is the result of another person’s negligent behavior, victims may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries.

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction workers face a number of different hazards while on the job, but there are some accidents that occur more frequently than others. For instance, the following are common types of construction accidents:

  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Crane collapse
  • Slip or trip and fall
  • Explosions
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Exposure to toxic substances

When these accidents happen, they have the potential to injure many people, including both construction workers and pedestrians. Fortunately, the person or party at fault for the incident can be held accountable for their actions through a personal injury lawsuit. These claims can help construction accident victims secure the compensation they need for damages.

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