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Accidents Caused by Bicyclists

A lot of people mistakenly believe that every accident involving a motorist and a bicyclist is the motorist’s fault. However, in some cases, unsafe behaviors by bicyclists actually lead to a car accident occurring. In these cases, many drivers veer off of roadways, or possibly even into oncoming traffic, in order to avoid colliding with the bicyclist. However, by avoiding one collision, drivers are often involved in another, where they could sustain serious physical injuries. Along with these injuries, a driver might also have to face hefty financial burdens, like medical treatment or vehicle repair costs, that often come with an accident.

Dangerous Cyclist Behavior

Some bicyclists disregard traffic laws that should govern their behaviors on roadways, since bicyclists are subject to most of the same traffic laws that other drivers are. In many cases, bicyclists might engage in dangerous behavior, such as:

  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Not indicating when they are turning or changing lanes
  • Weaving in between vehicles on roadways
  • Not staying in designated bike lanes
  • Riding bikes while intoxicated

Any of these behaviors could result in a serious car accident, especially if a driver tries to avoid a bicyclist who is behaving recklessly on the road.

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